Caring For Forklift Battery Throughout Scorching Climate

When you concentrate on the worst season for forklift batteries you in all probability consider winter however truly summer season warmth is the most important climate risk. It is particularly essential to maintain up good forklift battery upkeep throughout summer season months.

Fluid Stability

Simply as your body wants to take care of an excellent electrolyte degree throughout sizzling climate, so do your energy cells. Fluid degree checks are included in just about each forklift battery upkeep program and needs to be emphasised when the climate is sizzling. Excessive temperatures result in larger evaporation, decrease fluid ranges and the related risks. A great rule of thumb is to test fluid ranges each 5 expenses in common climate and each three expenses when temperatures shoot up. Fill the cells with distilled water so the plates are simply coated High Capacity Double A Batteries 1.2V NiMH Low Self Discharge (8 AA Pack) B08CD3XXTC.

LOW upkeep batteries do not have to be checked as typically since they’re principally sealed, however they nonetheless can lose fluid over time so needs to be monitored from time to time. NO upkeep batteries are fully sealed so cannot be checked in any respect.


Your body overheats extra simply in the summertime, so it should not be stunning that forklift batteries have the identical drawback. If the cell exceeds the producer’s really useful degree then the electrolyte can overflow, and the acid will harm the unit, the forklift and any employee who occurs to the touch it. If warmth will get excessive the pressure may construct as much as rupture the cell.

Recharging throughout forklift battery upkeep causes the temperature to go up. Usually this isn’t an issue however on particularly sizzling days in an enclosed recharge space, the cells are fairly sizzling to start with. Recharge areas needs to be properly ventilated due to the hazard of hydrogen gasoline buildup in addition to the hazard of warmth buildup. By no means, ever depart a cell in direct daylight throughout recharging.

Know When To Recharge

A great rule is to recharge a battery when it has been discharged from 40% to 80%. Lower than that shortens the unit’s life by overcharging however an over-discharged cell is extra more likely to warmth up throughout use or recharge. Implement a forklift battery upkeep schedule that sends the cells for recharge when they’re on this vary to maximise unit life and maintain employees and gear protected.

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